Construction accounting is not easy and requires far more effort than the majority of contractors realize.


Strategic construction bookkeeping is as different from standard bookkeeping as a person who owns a fancy dog house is from a professional remodel contractor!

Professional remodel contractors have often told us how they feel about contractors who work for cheap or unlicensed ones that consistently underbid them for new projects. They sometimes try to warn customers about how the excitement of low price fades when customers realize these cheap and unlicensed contractors have done a shoddy job.

Sometimes customers call professional remodel contractors later in a bid to try to have them fix all of the mistakes and bad construction left behind by the budget company. The result is that the customer often ends up paying more money and the job takes even longer than it would have if they had hired a professional remodel contractor in the first place.

The same problem arises when construction company owners shop for bookkeeping and accounting services assuming that all accountants and bookkeepers offer the same services.

Here is what you can expect from our strategic construction accounting and bookkeeping services:

  • QuickBooks Online (cloud-based accounting software)

  • QuickBooks Online Setup

  • QuickBooks Reporting

  • Cloud-based Document Storage

  • Contractor Invoicing

  • Retention Tracking System

If you want to save more of your earnings and grow your construction company, you need Aldea Tax Services Inc. Construction accounting is not easy and requires far more effort than the majority of contractors realize. The value to your company is also insurmountable. Call us today at (925) 515-2100 to schedule your free consultation.

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